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Improve Your English - Level 2

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Event outline

This is a 10 week course. Participants attend for 2 hours per week.

All employees need to be able to write coherently and with easily understood meaning.

This course focuses on expository writing (using the essay structure) and involves reading, comprehension and composing of responses to a selection of print texts.

This course aims to teach participants to:

  • Write a report informing and explaining concisely.
  • Take notes and summarise at meetings.
  • Practise comprehension and answer questions.
  • Write a review of an article or report.
  • Say what they mean and what they don't mean.
  • Find ways to enliven their writing.

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Tuart College specialises in providing educational opportunities for adults returning to education or wishing to upgrade or improve their education.