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OneNote - Beginners Workshop

Tuart College

Event outline

For those participants who wish to make use of Microsoft OneNote to record, store and share information.

Course Objectives

  • Exploring the OneNote Interface
  • Create a notebook
  • Create sections and page
  • Enter notes
  • Create template-based notes
  • Format notes
  • Draw shapes to represent your content
  • Embed content into your notes
  • Organise notes into manageable sections and subpages
  • Delete a section and restore a section from a notebook and also merge sections in the notebook
  • Mark notes to easily locate content
  • Add tags to your notes
  • Search option
  • Share your notes with users
  • Integrating OneNote with other applications

Dates & registration

There are no dates listed for this event.

Provider information

Tuart College specialises in providing educational opportunities for adults returning to education or wishing to upgrade or improve their education.