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Website Accessibility for Developers

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Event outline

The more acquainted web developers are with W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the more it will become intuitive to use them in their work. Hence, it makes good sense to begin from ground up when developing accessible websites based on WCAG’s 2.0 aims. This course provides the much-needed fundamentals to ensure web accessibility standards are adhered to. Participants will gain insight into what online accessibility requires needed for various disability groups. To achieve this, technical tools and a variety of options are discussed for developmental purposes. Where there are challenges and options in the design of websites for users with disabilities, this course provides practical alternatives and best practice solutions. Hands-on practice and group discussions reinforce the content learnt in the theory sections of this course. The WCAG – Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) which has been developed through the W3C process, will be presented. There will be a discussion as to how use of this Methodology may assist both novice and experienced website accessibility evaluators to conduct evaluations according to an international standard.

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Provider information

Web Key IT provides website accessibility training, consulting, audit and accreditation services. We are a member of the W3C and work on the WCAG Working Group, Website Evaluation Methodology Task Force and Research and Development Working Group.