Public Sector Management (SES Inclusion) Notice

Made by the Commissioner under section 43 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994.


1. This order may be cited as the Public Sector Management (SES Inclusions) Notice (No. 1) 2016.


2. This notice comes into operation on 5 March 2016.

Offices, etc. excluded from Senior Executive Service

3. Each holder of an office, office, post or holder of a post,

(a) located in the department or organisation specified in column 1 of the schedule; and

(b) specified in column 2 of the schedule, opposite to that department or organisation,

is declared to be included from the Senior Executive Service on and from 5 March 2016.


Column 1
Department or organisation
Column 2
Holder of office, office, post or holder of post
Department of Finance Mr Guido Gadomsky 
Director Government Businesses